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im timeless and unchanging.

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friends ownlee~!! [{Wed} 11.11.20 @ 11:23pm ]

comment to be added.
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Final Fantasy Origins, plz die ;o; [{Thu} 8.7.08 @ 4:15pm ]
[ mood | cranky ]

idk who designed the AI(or w.e its called) in this game and who hired him but thank god they got rid of him before he helped make future Final Fantasy games!! why would anyone want to have a random battle every half step-two steps?! as proof that im not exaggerating, i recorded it...
(my camera started getting dizzy after all the flashes, i wasnt moving the camera, it moved on its own afer a while xD)

 i got so bored i began fleeing and using magic.
after i turned off the camera it began again.Idky I'm trying to beat this game again, didnt I learn the first time I beat it?
After buying Final Famntasy VII Crisis Core Ive decided to re-beat every Final Fantasy game in the series (except for tactics, 11, x-2, and the crystal chronical games bc i hate those). Thats gonna take me 10 years :D I'm about to just use GameShark, do they sell them anymore? o.0
*starts searching*
{worthless fellow}

DEATHNOTE (live action) leftover [{Sun} 2.11.07 @ 8:36pm ]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Size:986 MB
Subtitles:English (weird at times but understandable)

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